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Who we are

TANZ is a dynamic and an innovative company providing IT Solutions, Telematics solutions, Cyber Security and Digital Marketing related services in Myanmar since 2017.​
We are a team of young, trusted and passionate people who are on the ground in Myanmar.​
We have grown fast in a short time since our inception which we believe is the result of our hard work, dedication, passion, expertise and most importantly the quality of work we offer to our customers.
Guided by a commitment to professionalism, our approach emphasizes long-term excellence in both products and relationships with employees and partners.


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Our Indutries


"Boost operational effectiveness using GPS trackers tailored for logistics, delivering instant insights into location, movement, usage, and beyond."


"Constructing tomorrow's world, one innovation at a time. Empower your build with cutting-edge technologies, shaping structures that stand the test of time."


"Enhance operational efficiency and maximize resource productivity."


"Navigate the future of carsharing with confidence."

Limitless range of possibilities

"From transport to oil, manufacturing to construction, we've got your needs covered."

Fleet Management System

"Track vehicles in real-time for better performance and prevent fuel fraud."

Fuel control

"Track fuel usage. Compare with mileage and hours for better insights."

Vehicle misuse

"Prevent misuse or underuse of vehicles."

Drivers identification

"Grant access with confidence—verify identity first."

Real Time Tracking

"Efficiency Unleashed: Real-Time Insights for Precision Tracking"

Vehicle location

"Real-time tracking of the current geographic location of vehicles."

Speed & Movement

"Monitoring the speed and movement patterns of vehicles as they travel."

Driver behavior

"Monitoring driving habits such as acceleration, braking, and idling."


"Creating virtual boundaries to receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a predefined area."

Fuel Monitoring

"Efficiently handle your fuel resources. Track expenses, pinpoint refueling locations, and identify fuel consumption, whether it's petrol, diesel, or gas."

Real Time Data

"Unlocking Efficiency: Fuel Real-Time Data for Instant Insights."

Fuel level

"Monitor your tank's fuel level with precision down to the liter."

Actual consumption

"Check how much fuel was used compared to distance traveled and hours driven."

Fuel Theft

"Unveiling Reliable Fuel Theft Data for Enhanced Security."

Video Telematics

"Insightful Integration: Merging Telematics Data and HD Video for Enhanced Driver Behavior Analysis and Personalized Coaching."


"Smart Dual Lens AI Dashcams.Simplified and Affordable Mini Dashcams"


"Mobile DVR , Empower your fleet's safety and efficiency with MDVR where cutting-edge technology meets peace of mind on the road"

Bus Screen

"Passenger Information Monitoring: Ensuring Safety and Comfort through Real-time Surveillance and Analysis. Stay Informed, Stay Secure."


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